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About us

We’re Tempest North, a cutting edge (read:new) talent collaborator.

Tempest North is not your typical recruitment agency. We specialize in connecting talented individuals with organizations in a meaningful way. Our identity as a dynamic recruitment business is evident from the start, as we believe that recruitment plays a crucial role in driving progress.


Crafting Masterpieces of Opportunity.

Job Listings Beyond the Ordinary. Our job listings aren't just lines on a page; they are meticulously crafted masterpieces of potential waiting to be explored. Proper, clean, and straight to the point, each listing is a beacon of opportunity, designed to captivate and inspire.

Behind the Magic.

Funneled into Clarity. Once the magic is in the listings, we channel it into our internal tools. It's not just data; it's a symphony of information that gives us a crystal-clear picture of the landscape we're navigating. Because clarity is not a luxury; it's the cornerstone of excellence.

Talent Hunt, the Tempest Way.

Expert-Led Discovery. We don't just find talent; we unleash the power of creatives and industry experts to sift through the prospects. It's not about ticking boxes; it's about discovering the gems that sparkle uniquely, ensuring a match that goes beyond the ordinary.

Vetting Mastery.

Everything Aligns. Our vetting process is more than a checklist; it's a meticulous dance where every detail waltzes into alignment. We don't settle for 'good enough'; we ensure everything is as it should be, setting the stage for success.

Get ready to stand out.

Welcome to the gateway of dynamic career opportunities at Tempest North! If you are ready to embark on a journey where professionalism meets a peaceful atmosphere, you're at the right place.

At the eye of the tempest, we offer dynamic career opportunities on your terms. We're the crossroads where worldwide talent intersects with careers worth prusuing. Interested? Read on.



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Wheter you're looking to enrich your lifestyle and head into the digital nomad experience, or if you're on the lookout for the new talent to join your team; we offer a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs.


The world is changing, constantly. Tempest North has cultivated it's culture to adapt, react and preemptively position itself with this fact in mind.

Planning for the Future

Flexible plans and add-on options to carve out your journey as YOU see fit. Want to be covered for a rainy day? We've got you.


Exceptional talent is hard to come by. We know the difficulties in navigating through this difficult and vast terrain. Tempest North has dynamic systems in place to ensure retention is the number one priority moving forward.

Feedback Loop

Feedback is useless going one direction. It needs to bounce back and forth to identify pain points and pave the way to meaningful solutions. Tempest North uses a variety of tools to gather, monitor and distribute feedback along with potential solutions and remedies.

'End of Road' Planning

Life is complicated, and even in a perfect world the need arises for people to pick different paths to tread on. While we are devoted to retention through fullfilment; we're also keen on planning for different outcomes. When it's time to move on it's simple, straightforward and fulfilling.

Proper HR Backend

We at Tempest North realize the gravity of our responsibilities. Our vast backend tools rely on Human Resources first and foremost. We've been building up our arsenal to dissipate potential problems and free up resources for a healthy work life.

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At a Glance

There's a lot to know about Tempest North, feel free to dive deeper; here's a simple overview of what we can do for you.

The funnel

Accumulating talent
Reviewing potential
Constant engagement

At Tempest North, we carefully plan and allocate resources. Finding the right talent is important, but ensuring it's a good fit and long-lived is much more crucial.

Focus on what's important

Outstanding Talent
At Tempest North, we are constantly searching for talented individuals who possess the right mindset. We provide back-end solutions that furnish the necessary training and guidance to help individuals advance in their careers.

We firmly believe that cultivating the right mindset is crucial in building a remarkable team.
Sustainable Roadmap
Our journey involves accommodating both job seekers and businesses searching for new team members. We plan each step of the process with care to minimize frustration and maximize efficiency.

We use the right tools to guide individuals through onboarding and training, and consistently engage them along their journey to ensure they thrive in their roles.
Proper Business Tools
We are continuously improving our back-end system by closely monitoring and constantly evaluating our needs. Tempest North team members have access to their own set of tools, in addition to the tools provided by the company, for their convenience.

Moreover, we make sure to provide businesses with sufficient context, insight, and data to help them manage their dynamic and creative team members more effectively.

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Our Headquarters are in Podgorica, Montenegro. We currently have a branch office in Istanbul Turkiye, soon to be followed by Ireland and Poland.

60 Hercegovačka
Podgorica 81000, Montenegro
Turkey Branch:
Esentepe Mahallesi, Talatpasa Caddesi, No: 5
Sisli, Istanbul 34394, Turkiye

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