Wheter you're looking to enrich your lifestyle and head into the digital nomad experience, or if you're on the lookout for the new talent to join your team; we offer a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs.

In order to offer exceptional talent while also keeping an eye out on retention, engagement, happiness, day to day needs, performance and adaptability we've created a robust and dynamic back-end. Our In house tools and business partners enable us to engage with our staff in a meaningful manner; thus paving the way for success stories that we can cultivate.


The world is changing, constantly. Tempest North has cultivated it's culture to adapt, react and preemptively position itself with this fact in mind.

Our internal tools are continuously evolving to keep up with the dynamic workspace. Our engagement process, onboarding set, hiring process are all setup with the future in mind; i.e. that they will need to evolve and change with the landscape.

Planning for the Future

Flexible plans and add-on options to carve out your journey as YOU see fit. Want to be covered for a rainy day? We've got you.

When you decide to work with Tempest North you'll be presented with a number of options. The freedom to chose how you want your contract handled, what happens when it's time to look for a new path or how flexible you want to be are all talking points at your onboarding process.


Exceptional talent is hard to come by. We know the difficulties in navigating through this difficult and vast terrain. Tempest North has dynamic systems in place to ensure retention is the number one priority moving forward.

To ensure that we're not overlooking key aspects we have created tools to minimize risk. Happiness, contentness, engagement and fulfillment are monitored in meaningful ways and monitored for potential problems.

We aim to be proactive in evaluating pain points and offering meaningful solutions to establish a solid baseline.

Feedback Loop

Feedback is useless going one direction. It needs to bounce back and forth to identify pain points and pave the way to meaningful solutions. Tempest North uses a variety of tools to gather, monitor and distribute feedback along with potential solutions and remedies.

Tempest North conducts internal meetings and feedback loops in conjuction with client and talent feedback. We ensure the information is distributed in useful ways accompanied with close monitoring.

Communication is the key to creative problem solving, and we aim to create solutions that are robust and applicable in nature.

'End of Road' Planning

Life is complicated, and even in a perfect world the need arises for people to pick different paths to tread on. While we are devoted to retention through fullfilment; we're also keen on planning for different outcomes. When it's time to move on it's simple, straightforward and fulfilling.

Talent has the option to manage their exit before they even begin. Uncertainty, ambugaity and lack of transparency are caveats we avoid at any cost.

Proper HR Backend

We at Tempest North realize the gravity of our responsibilities. Our vast backend tools rely on Human Resources first and foremost. We've been building up our arsenal to dissipate potential problems and free up resources for a healthy work life.

At Tempest North everybody has a voice, and the means to express it. We thrive on ideas, and to make sure that they are plenty we've created meaningful tools to cultivate this.


Exceptional Talent is rarely born that way. We believe that the right mindset is paramount to success. With our help and guidance we aim to create career paths for people with the right outlook.

To accomplish this we've been partnering with experts to offer meaningful paths forward. Along with help from our HR experts; a meaningful and fulfilling path is within everyones sights.


Tempest North is a business partner first and foremost. We look at our connections as partnerships, and strive to add value to it. One of our main goals is to offer less resistance during transition periods.

Adding onboarding to our list of responsibilities is an ongoing goal that we hope to offer to all of our partners. A healty and ongoing two-way communication as well as dynamic engagement is our way of ensuring that this is a realizable target.